Agile Coaching

Agile Team Coaching

  • Agile, Scrum and XP Coaching
  • Large Project Coaching with "Scrum of Scrums"
  • Coaching of Agile Coach (individual and group)
  • GameStorming and Innovation Games® Workshops
  • Agile Dojo®
  • Coaching and Facilitation in risky environment

Software Craftsmanship

  • Coaching on Agile Engineer Practices J2EE, .Net/C#, Php, C++
  • Software Automation System installation
  • Coding Dojo® workshops

Enterprise Coaching

  • Scaling Scrum Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Team Performance Measurement and Diagnostic
  • Performance Coaching
  • Actiont Types® Coaching
  • Enterprise Culture Coaching
  • Coaching Center Creation

  • Agile Portefolio Management

Audit with Workshops

We help you for improving your internal performance: HR, Teams, Management. Our approach intregrates practices based on facilitation and workshop: Consensus Workshop, OpenSpace, Brainstorming, Brainwriting, InnovationGames and other participatory workshops.

Services Complémentaires

  • Coaching de projets en difficulté
    Because a project can evolve in the bad way, we help you to take again the control.
  • Temporary ScrumMasters
    Because you are not immune to a prolonged absence, our coaches are also involved temporarily as ScrumMasters in your agile teams.
  • Temporary Facilitators
    Because sometimes there are situations that require experience, our facilitators can animate your meetings
  • Management du changement
    Because change is needed in business, we offer change management in different forms by facilitation techniques.

Business Deontology

Our Coachs follow an Ethical Charter and commit them to follow it by contract.



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